Navin Noronha

Big Binge: Navin Norohna 'Homewrecker' Saturday (ENG)

The unique and uproariously funny perspective of a gay Indian Catholic

While a lot of LGBTQ+ comedians talk on stage about how they came out, Mumbai native Navin Noronha did it the other way around: he started coming out on stage to complete strangers at open mic nights before actually telling the world. Being one of the first openly gay comedians in India ánd raised Catholic, he’s in a very specific minority. But don’t expect grim tales of adversity, Navin’s riotous stories and insights are light-hearted and full of life. ‘Homewrecker’ is a show for everyone. 


Openingsact 29 februari: Karan Karthik

Openingsact 1 maart: Kendra Borgen
Openingsact 2 maart: Carly Baker

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Carly Baker

Big Binge: Navin Norohna 'Homewrecker' Saturday (ENG)

Slick and confident

‘slick and confident’ – Steve Bennett, Chortle
‘full of energy and blew the roof off the place, smiley and full of charm, which allows her to get away with some great filth.’ – Ha Ha Comedy

Carly Baker has been writing and performing comedy for over 19 years. Her self deprivational style is both sweet and raw. Honest, energetic and charming with a just the right bit of filth mixed in, she’s a favourite with both men and women and everything in between. Husbands have come and gone since Carly began stand-up and she will happily tell you about it all in gritty detail with a smile. Comedy is her passion and it translates on stage and in her love of the craft.

Lucky enough to start her career in 2005 at the Houston Laff Stop; where Bill Hicks got his start, she was soon performing in the Houston Comedy Festival and opening for heavy hitters like Darrell Hammond and Ralphie May. Tired of lots of sunshine she decided to pick up and move to Scotland and cut her chops on the UK comedy circuit. Welcomed at the famous Stand Comedy club in both Edinburgh and Glasgow she sharpened her skills and was soon sharing the stage with Frankie Boyle, Janey Godley, Susan Calman and Sarah Millican. From there Carly has travelled the globe making the funny all over Europe. After landing in Holland she quickly becoming a regular at The Comedy Café Amsterdam, also producing and MCing monthly shows in Delft, Leiden, The Hague and Rotterdam. She calls Montreal home since 2021 where you can find her as a regular MC and performer at The Comedy Nest, Yuk Yuks as well as support for Derek Seguin. Carly was just chosen to perform and record an album at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal 2022.

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