Tamar Broadbent (UK)

Catchy musical comedy songs about millennial life

Tamar Broadbent is a comedian, writer, improviser, actor and award-winning songwriter. She has filmed for Comedy Central online and written for BBC Radio.

Best known for her funny, catchy musical comedy songs about millennial life, Tamar has toured her solo shows around the UK and internationally to Europe and Australia. She was nominated for Best Comedy Show at Perth Fringeworld 2017, and has just returned from New York where she sold out a tour of her show Best Life at the SoHo Playhouse.

Tamar trained in UCB-style improv at the Free Association in London, and is currently performing at legendary American Improv Theatre Boom Chicago in Amsterdam.

Tamar’s first professional musical, Club Mex, co-written with John-Victor and produced by Global Musicals, premiered in Manchester in January 2019 to rave reviews. She has written the play Split with Emma Pritchard and is working on a web series.

In her free time, Tamar enjoys watching live music, making bolognese, and drinking as much wine as is stereotypically expected of an English person.

★★★★ ‘Brings the house down’ The Skinny.

★★★★ ‘A genuine triple threat’ Fest.

★★★★★ ‘Blistering wit and a Glee-style delivery, a must-see show that leaves the audience clutching their sides, tapping their feet and eagerly waiting for more’ Edinburgh Festival Mag.

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