Radio Willekeur (NL)

100% improvised live radio-broadcast

Radio Willekeur is a 100% improvised live radio-broadcast including interviews, book reviews, musical intermezzos and advertising. Everyone is made up on the spot, and it’s really funny. This show will be in Dutch but honestly, just go already. Radio Willekeur is so good that it transcends language (it doesn’t really, but wouldn’t it be cool if it did?)

Radio Willekeur is the brainchild of comedians Ruud Smulders, Andries Tunru and Stefan Hendrikx, and is accompanied by Bram Brouwers. As far as we at the UICF are concerned Radio Willekeur is the next big thing. We’re big-big-BIG fans!

Wanna see Radio Willekeur?

Check 'em out here:

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