Karsten Blomvik (NOR)

Norwegian comedy with real warmth

High up in the North of Europe Karsten Blomvik has been paving the way for stand-up comedy in Norway, a country that until recently was better known for fjords and fish than punchlines. And we think there’s noone better for that job than him. Because Karsten has a perfect understanding of what makes a joke work and can entertain any audience with his hilarious anecdotes about uniquely Norwegian experiences such as working as a bouncer in a country that has an… interesting relationship with alcohol (to say the least). Karsten represents the Comedy Box comedy-club. And we can’t wait to see him.

The Utrecht International Comedy Festival has invited Karsten in cooperation with StandUp Europe.org as part of our unofficial F*ck Brexit-showcase. Seeing as Great Britain will leave the European Union at the end of March we decided that at the beginning of March we as a festival wanted to show how fun the European Union can be. That’s why we invited a bunch of comedians from all over Europe (Norway, Italy, Poland, Austria) to come to Utrecht to laugh at eachother and themselves and to show the audience that Europeans have a lot more in common than they might think.

Stand-Up Europe en UICF zeggen op 8 en 9 maart: f*ck Brexit!

Wanna see Karsten?

Check him out here:

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