Jim Williams (US)

Crazy American family man

Jim Williams has been a performer for nearly 20 years, touring the United States and Europe as a mime, actor, clown, and physical comedian. Jim has lived in Poland for 9 years. In that time he’s learned to speak Polish, won top awards at Poland’s largest comedy festivals (both with his physical comedy show Liquidmime, as well as with his Polish stand-up ‘UWAGA! I’m Gonna’ MÓWIC Popolsku!’) AND made 3 people with his Polish wife. Jim is a crazy American family man and he’s ready to bring you to tears with his sharp wit and honest observations about life abroad, America, as well as hard hitting comedy about life in general.

The Utrecht International Comedy Festival has invited Jim in cooperation with StandUp Europe.org as part of our unofficial F*ck Brexit-showcase. Seeing as Great Britain will leave the European Union at the end of March we decided that at the beginning of March we as a festival wanted to show how fun the European Union can be. That’s why we invited a bunch of comedians from all over Europe (Norway, Italy, Poland, Austria) to come to Utrecht to laugh at eachother and themselves and to show the audience that Europeans have a lot more in common than they might think.

Wanna see Jim?

Check him out here:

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