Jack Holmes (UK)

Punk rock comedy from an ex-pat Brit

At a young age Jack Holmes decided to leave his hometown of Bristol in Great-Britain to move to Vienna to play in a punk band. Does Austria have a lively punk rock scene, you ask? Of course not! Luckily for us, after deciding that life as a punk-rocker in Vienna wasn’t going to work out this Brit decided to become a stand-up comedian. And luckily for us, this guy turned out to have a bigger talent for tearing down the system with funny stories about drinking and politics than with edgy guitar work. A show with Jack is like being harangued by the really funny drunk guy at the end of the bar. Recommended for fans of Kyle Kinane!

The Utrecht International Comedy Festival has invited Jack in cooperation with StandUp Europe.org as part of our unofficial F*ck Brexit-showcase. Seeing as Great Britain will leave the European Union at the end of March we decided that at the beginning of March we as a festival wanted to show how fun the European Union can be. That’s why we invited a bunch of comedians from all over Europe (Norway, Italy, Poland, Austria) to come to Utrecht to laugh at eachother and themselves and to show the audience that Europeans have a lot more in common than they might think.


Wanna see Jack?

Check him out here:

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