Carly Baker (US)

Charming with just the right bit of filth

Carly Baker has been writing and performing comedy for over 15 years. Her self deprivational style is both sweet and raw. Honest, energetic and charming with a just the right amount of filth mixed in, she’s a favorite with both men and women and everything in between. Husbands have come and gone since Carly began stand-up and she will happily tell you about it all in gritty detail with a smile. Comedy is her passion and this love translates on stage. Lucky enough to start her career in 2005 at the Houston Laff Stop -where Bill Hicks got his start- she was soon performing during the Houston Comedy Festival. Tired of lots of sunshine she decided to pick up and move to Scotland and cut her chops on the UK comedy circuit. From there Carly has travelled the globe making the funny.


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