Kristyna Haklova (CZ)

Jokes about single-life, porn and romance

Kristýna comes from the small town of Beroun in Central Bohemia.  From there she went to Masaryk University in Brno where she fought for several years to get her useless degree in Film Studies, only to end up as a telemarketer. Sound familiar?

This comedian is currently working as an art house film distributor and stand-up comedy promoter/performer in Berlin and Prague. She likes complaining about single life, her drinking habits and the generally low quality of porn. Sounds like a performer right up our alley!

The Utrecht International Comedy Festival has invited Kristýna in cooperation with StandUp Europe.org as part of our unofficial F*ck Brexit-showcase. Seeing as Great Britain will leave the European Union at the end of March we decided that at the beginning of March we as a festival wanted to show how fun the European Union can be. That’s why we invited a bunch of comedians from all over Europe (Norway, Italy, Poland, Austria) to come to Utrecht to laugh at eachother and themselves and to show the audience that Europeans have a lot more in common than they might think.

Stand-Up Europe en UICF zeggen op 8 en 9 maart: f*ck Brexit!


Wanna see Kristyna?

Check her out here:

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