Liz Miele

Why cats are assholes

Liz Miele is a NYC comedian that has appeared on Comedy Central, FOX, AXS TV, Hulu and NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. She’s been featured in The New Yorker, NY Times, Runner’s World, Psychology Today and The Guardian.

She has several viral videos on Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok including jokes “Feminist Sex Positions,” “Dating Is Harder for Comedians,” and “Fuck Finland”. 

She regularly tours internationally and has three albums out including her first, “Emotionally Exhausting” which has over 2 million views on youtube and her most recent special, ‘Self Help Me’ which has over 1 million views on youtube.. Her book “Why Cats Are Assholes” was published March 2021 and she has a weekly podcast with comedian Maria Shehata called ‘2 Non Doctors’. 

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